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Today concludes the last day of Flat Pattern.  I was reflecting on it earlier today as I was getting ready for class, and I can say it was not painful at all.  I had a few challenges, but I learned from them and can definitely apply them for future patterns that I work on.  With that being said, I present my final garment, which was constructed solely by myself and myself only.  I did a few modifications hence when drafting the original garment, I did not like how the extended neck and extra flared leg looked.  The paint dibbling was not done by a 3 year old, like I said, I learned from the hiccups I encountered.

Kimono Sleeve top with set in gussets

Casual pants with darts.

Below is the order in which the garments were created.  It all started on dot paper, then transitioned unto manila paper, muslin, and ultimately linen.



I love seeing how a garment builds up and takes form.


Upon visiting the Beatrice Wood exhibition at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, this was the vessel I have decided to go for in regards to my final project.  It was a very difficult decision to make for I liked several creations but had to think  which one gave me a clearer vision.  May the transformation begin.

Is fashion inspired by art, or is art inspired by fashion?  I came to discover that for myself, fashion is inspired by art.  Upon visiting the Beatrice Wood exhibition at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, I was truly inspired by her creative vessels.  My mind transformed the image of the vessel into an image of a garment upon selecting various pieces as favorites.  The vessel which I chose was the Tall White and Brown Vase.  The vessel is standing tall and narrow at the top, while ending with a voluptuous bottom.  The glaze of the vessel is white at almost its entirety, except for the red orange and yellow colors taking up the top part of the vase.  Accents of brown are seen throughout the entire vase.  Of this vessel I intend to articulate a pair of classic trousers with a kimono sleeve top that will mimic the foundation of the vase’s form.  The techniques that I will use will be the style lines for the trousers working from the waist to the bottom to create form and flow.  As for the top, I will create a top with kimono sleeves with gusset.  The gusset will be set into the armhole to allow movement.  The books that I will be utilizing to assist me with the construction of the garments will be the Patternmaking Reference for Fashion Design by Sylvia Rosen and the Fourth Edition of A Guide to Fashion Sewing by Connie Amaden-Crawford.  Out of these books, the pages which I will be relying on will be pages 59-73 in which basic length pants are discussed.  For the kimono sleeves with gusset I will be using pages 374-382, both examples are of the Patternmaking Reference for Fashion Design book.  Both the pants and the shirt will require zippers so the book that will guide me through this process will be A Guide to Fashion Sewing: Fourth Edition pages 155-169.  No pockets will be incorporated in either garment.  When acquiring the inspiration from the vases I simply planned on projecting the vases into a living form, and I intend on maintaining the form of the vase through the representation of the garments.

Shirt with Raglan Sleeves with gusset with palazzo style pants styled in linen fabric.





The humble beginnings of what will become a collared shirt.

Stay tuned…


While many people my age -and older and younger, were out partying in their costumes, I was joining them indoors.  I celebrated Halloween costume by being a pattern maker.  What a way to kill two birds with one stone; here is my pattern making work Halloween Edition.

TAKE 1, TAKE 2, TAKE 3, TAKE 100.

My attempt at drafting a princess line strapless.

Slashing, merging, notching, eccentricity all around.


DOLMAN SLEEVE: Developed from the basic fitted kimono sleeve.  Fullness added to the underarm, falling softly in folds or drape in a cowl-like fashion.

The Process: